Carolina Film Network to premiere Silas James Rowland’s ‘Dudeman’

Dudeman a short film directed by Silas James Rowland will premiere during Carolina Film Network’s November Meeting tomorrow at Tapp’s Art Center. The film, which also stars Rowland is set in 1977 and follows, Dudeman Pressley, a guy who has just been robbed of his weed and money and is running out of time before his supplier George takes out the trash.


When asked what the audience can expect Rowland replied, “Dudeman is a different experience from anything I’ve done. It’s a lot more open world. Very dialogue and character driven.” Rowland also stated, “Working with a diversity of talent from those inexperience to those who show excellence in theatre really tested my abilities as a director and if anything knocked me on my butt. It was worth it. I learned a lot. And I have to say this is my favorite thing I’ve done thus far.”

Rowland started making movies when he was in 8th grade attempting to bring alternate egos to life on camera. He has produced 7 short films, over 40 skits, and is currently working on a feature film titled, Mr. Secret Agent Guy.

Carolina Film Network’s November Meeting will take place at Tapp’s Art Center from 7pm – 9pm. Bait, Teenage Caligula, and The Art House will also screen at the meeting. Followed by guest speaker Dr. Carmen Maye from the University of South Carolina who will discuss Copyright Law.



Carolina Film Network – September Meeting Overview

Carolina Film Network kicked off the September Meeting last night screening Civil, The Gullah Project, and Eva’s Plug accompanied by a sneak peek of Family Possessions; all of which were incredible films brought to us by filmmakers in the Carolina’s.

Once the screenings were over the floor was turned over to writer, Allen Johnson, who is responsible for films such as The Freemason, which starred Sean Astin and Templar Nation, which starred Erik Estrada.

Afterwards a brief Q&A session with all the filmmakers and Johnson was held before releasing the crowd to intermingle and network with one another.

Carolina Film Network – September Meeting Gallery

September Meeting Film Screenings

The Gullah Project is not available for public viewing; however, you can find out more information about the documentary film at

The next meeting will occur at Tapp’s Art Center on Tuesday, October 25th from 7pm – 9pm. ETV’s, executive producer, Amy Shumaker, will join us. Admission cost to event is $5 in order to pay for space provided by our gracious host.

Among the topics of discussion are:

  • What type of projects is ETV looking for?
  • How to get your program televised.
  • Fundraising for your film and the business of film.
  • What time limit is ETV looking for? Minimal and Maximum requirements.
  • Is there a cost to have your film or series broadcasted?
  • Is it open to the public or does it have to be an organization?

If you have any questions that you wished to be covered please send them to us at with the topic October Meeting. We will also be screening three films at the beginning of our meeting starting at 7:15pm. If you’re a filmmaker and wish to submit your project please click here. Also note to filmmakers: a cover image to film is mandatory. If a submission does not have an attached imaged via-link or email project will be disqualified.