Carolina Film Network’s celebrates one year in operation

On Saturday, June 17 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., filmmakers from across the Carolinas will gather at Tapp’s Art Center for the Carolina Film Network’s First Year Anniversary. This event will showcase three films produced by local filmmakers and will include guest speaker Dan Rogers from the South Carolina Film Commission.

Films screening include The Wrong Girl by Dean Ferreira, Glass by Christian Brunetti, and Cartoonish by Ken Cohen. All three films are up for the audience choice award, the winner will screen again during the second quarterly meeting.

Attending the meeting as guest speaker is Dan Rogers from the South Carolina Film Commission. Rogers will be discussing resources South Carolina filmmakers can utilize such as the Indie Grants program, finding the perfect location for your film, and how to register with SCFC’s registry.

Dan Rogers from the South Carolina Film Commission lead the conversation last night discussing the role the SC Film Commission plays with bringing film to South Carolina.

Carolina Film Network is a non-profit organization that promotes local film in the Carolinas. It also serves as a link between entrepreneurs and industry professionals to stimulate economic growth. Carolina Film Network meets once a month in collaboration with Tapp’s Art Center.


Carolina Film Network – November Meeting Announcement

Copyright.. What does it exactly mean to be copyrighted? How do you go about having something copyrighted? How are YOU as a creative protected under copyright laws?

Find out on November 29th when UofSC’s Carmen Maye, J.D., Ph.D. drops in to discuss Copyright.
If there are any questions that you wish to be answered please feel free to let us know. That way we can be sure to direct the conversation appropriately.

Like usual we will kick off the meeting with a series of films. All must remain under 10 minutes. Link to submission process is here:

We will also open the floor to fellow filmmakers for a small pitch session. 

Our November Meeting will be held at Tapp’s Art Center beginning at 7pm. Ticket price to event is $5 in order to pay for the space provided by Tapp’s Art Center.

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Casting Call for upcoming short film Open Door Policy

Project title: Open Door Policy

Project type: Short Film

Project description: Open Door Policy is about Todd, a high school senior who is well respected in his school but one teacher has higher standards for him if he is going to be the leader she knows he can be. A simple act of kindness is all that is needed to learn a big lesson. Will Todd learn this lesson and be able to set an example for his peers?
Project usage: To provide opportunities for actors to have demo reel footage and crew to gain more experience for resumes. Film may be entered into film festival circuit and/or on YouTube.
Film location, Norths Augusta SC (Near Aiken, SC)
Film Dates: TBD (tentatively late Aug / early Sept 2016)
Compensation: Nonpaying but will provide credit, copy and food
Please see attachment for character breakdowns and submit per the following instructions:
Send email to
Subject line: ODP, Name, role submitting for (i.e. ODP, Jane Doe, role of Mom
Body of email:
Name, age,
contact info (email and phone #)
Please indicate if available to work as extra if not cast in speaking role
Acting Resume if you have one
2 RECENT well-lit pictures: 1 close up (shoulders up) 1 full body
Plain background, no one else in picture, not distracting background, plain wall is best.
no hats or sunglasses in picture, no over-posing, just normal and natural please.
Sides are available for video auditions
Callbacks will be in person date TBD

Character Breakdowns:
Todd (lead)– Male, all american boy, caucasian, High School Senior, athletic looking

Jonah (lead)– Male, all american boy, non-caucasian, high school senior, athletic looking, Todd’s best friend

Ms Haugen (lead)– Female, any ethnicity, older woman who is past ready to retire from teaching high school history. Small to average stature, walks with a cane, very wise soul, good with facial expressions and non-verbal communication as well as deliver lines with authority

Sam (supporting) – Female, typical high school senior, any ethnicity, Todd’s girlfriend
Todd’s Dad (supporting) – Male, caucasian, late 30’s – mid 40’s, supportive dad to Todd, caring, only

scene is in kitchen helping set table for family dinner and chatting with Todd.

Todd’s Mom (supporting) – Female, caucasian late 30’s – mid 40’s, supportive mom, only scene is in kitchen preparing dinner and chatting with family.

Todd’s little sister (supporting) – Female, 6-9 yrs old, kid sis who likes to tease older brother and try to engage in conversation between Todd and parents.

Extras needed:
Adult in wheelchair (featured)
Adult to assist person in wheel chair (featured) Retail store employee (featured)
2 restaurant employees (general background) 10-15 high school Students (General background) 2 -3 college athletic scouts, Male
older couple (featured)
Adult with child in carseat (featured)
2 sports event medics
3-5 adults/parents at soccer game

Fanatik Productions holding Casting Call for feature film Tattoo in Columbia, SC

Fanatik Productions is holding a casting all for their feature film Tattoo. Casting calls are by appointment only on both Thursday, July 7th and Friday, July 8th from 6:30 to 8:30 and also Saturday, July 9th from 10 am to 7 pm at Dutch Square Mall in Suite 200.

To schedule an appointment contact Thaddeus Jones Jr. at

Tattoo Poster

Description of film: Perry tries hard, but as hard as he works and tries to excel he is still the underdog. His most recent attempt to attain a new position was undercut by his best friend, and now his fiancé wants to leave him and their predictable life of mediocrity. Perry now at the lowest point he has ever been in his life attempts to drown his sorrows in a bottle of booze, and meets Amon a tattoo artist that offers Perry a gift. A gift of a mystical voodoo tattoo, that will not only change Perry’s life, but the lives of all those that surround him. Perry not one to take risk decides to accept the gift after all what else does he have to lose. Except this is no ordinary tattoo, and his first may be his last.

When a loser-advertising executive receives a voodoo powered tattoo, he must feed its thirst to take revenge on those that have betrayed him.

PERRY MORTION – a 30 something, people pleasing, African American male with a witty since of humor. Seen as an underdog, yet ambitious for success.

JANET LEIGH – a beautiful, smart recent MBA grad prepares lunch for her widowed father.

JEFFERY DUVALL – a 30 something African American male enters the bar. He looks out of place in the bar he’s a square

MARTIN LEIGH – a retired Marine widowed.

AMO – a shaman Tattoo artist in his early twenties,

MR. WETZER – Owner of Maxwell and associates consulting firm.

BOB LONDON – a 54 year old executive

The BARTENDER – a beautiful dark skinned woman in her mid to late 20’s

MARY BISHOP – late 40’s dresses in a low cut top she is the definition of a cougar.

KELLY MARSDEN – 20’s and fresh out of college, dresses in a standard skirt and top but wears neon accessories

SPECIAL DELIVERY DRIVER – a heavy set black woman in her mid to late 30’s

SUSAN BLAKE – a short, but toned strawberry blond in her late 30’s

VICTOR CORTEZ – an African American a Sargent with homicide, in his late 30’s early 40’s

GREGORY – Freeman executive in charge, late 40’s early 50’s,

HECTOR POWERS – a 48-year-old African American handyman

ALICIA GUILFORD – 25-year-old Caucasian female, smokes A DOMINATRIX A leather clad older woman

WALT HAMILTON – a short stocky executive in a nice suit

ROCCO – 20 something tattoo artist sports piercings and tats, in a gnarly display

THOMAS GRANT – a 55 year old attorney

JIMMY SHEALY – a 60 plus desk sergeant