Laura meets John on an online dating site. After a few dates he invites her to his vacation cabin in the mountains. Laura ignores the warnings from her friend, Ashley, about it being too soon to go away with a guy she just met. Once at the secluded cabin, Laura begins to notice strange behavior changes in John. She also begins to be drawn to the crawlspace under the cabin. Is any of this real? Is this all in her head, or is there a deeper, darker secret to be uncovered?

Starring Jason Vail (Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies, Gut) and Morgan Monnig
Written and Directed by Tommy Faircloth (Crinoline Head, Generation Ax)
Produced by Robert Zobel and Tommy Faircloth


“The Cabin is a movie that packs, within its thirty-minute screen time, enough tension and mental mayhem to fill the best feature length thrillers I’ve seen. What makes it work is, quite simply, what it does so effectively in the viewer’s mind. From beginning to end, the feeling is unsettling—a sensation that crawls over your body, slowly, again and again—that something is deadly wrong. It’s an intuitive, gut feeling that we want desperately to communicate to the perceived person in danger, but we can’t–at least partially because, at times, we’re not sure who it is ourselves. Some things are better off not found…and, better yet, not identified!” – CHRIS RENNIRT – SPACE JOCKY REVIEWS

“Proving once and for all that he isn’t one to follow the crowd, Tommy Faircloth not only creates a feeling of ominous ambiance in an era that seems to have forgotten how to do that in his latest project but creates an entire story based in that feeling and keeps it going from the somethings not right beginning to the grotesquely bleak finish!” – DREW MEAD

“It is designed to build tension and mystery until the final climax, which it does very well.” – BLOOD SUCKING GEEK

“Tommy Faircloth is obviously a skilled director…the performances are convincing.” – VILE REVIEWS

“Writer/Director Tommy Faircloth knows how to draw the viewer into his world, if only for 30 minutes. With “The Cabin”, he’s crafted a fine tale of suspicion and suspense that ratchets up as the film progresses in the tradition of superior modern thrillers.” – MICHAEL JUVINALL – HORROR SOCIETY

WINNER BEST SHORT: San Antonio Horrific Film Fest
WINNER BEST SHORT: Freak Show Horror FIlm Festival
WINNER BEST SHORT: Scared Stiff Halloween Film Fest
WINNER BEST SHORT: Wilson College Horror Film Festival
WINNER BEST ACTRESS – MORGAN MONNIG – Salty Horror International Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION at over 17 film festivals in 2013