“Civil” explores the dynamics of race and warfare during the bizarre, twisted period of the American Civil War. Civilians and soldiers collide and ultimately must decide each other’s fates in this dark glimpse into one of America’s strangest times. Written and Directed by Andrew Huggins

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It’s 1977 – and Dudeman Pressley has just been robbed. With no weed or no money he’s running out of time. With clients and friends as an only option, he tries to hustle it all back before his supplier George takes out the trash.

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The Wrong Girl

Directed by: Dean Ferreira Summary: Sometimes things have to fall apart in order for them to come together. Join Angie on her path of self-discovery where she tries to find what’s truly important in life. Starring: Lauren Wilson, Traysie Amick Directed by: Dean Ferreira Crew: Director of Photography Silas James Rowland Assistant Director of Photography…

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The Bad Kind

Summary: To some, Kim has the perfect relationship with the perfect man, but Mrs. Johnson knows better. She tries to talk some sense into Kim, but will she get through to her before its too late? Starring: Devanie Dawson, Cristofher Griffin Directed by: Ashley Shanea Crew: Zach Neal

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Wood: A Family Affair

Wood: A Family Affair is a documentary film about a family of three-generation loggers living in Little Mountain, SC. Rain or shine Richard Kinard can be found selling firewood to local community members off of Highway 76 located in Little Mountain, South Carolina. This has become a hobby for the 80 year old who has…

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Summary: Tiffany Jamison and Jessica Todd have a special bond, one that wreaks havoc on those that dare cross them. Directed by: Tari K. Robinson Starring: Stephanie Casebier, Steven Michael Quinn, Jr. Brandie Moore, Enrico Ravenna, Aimee Dunn, Alex Ling and Marquita Owens Robinson Crew: Chris Terry, DP; Tara Robinson, Editor; Jessica Grizzell, 1st AD;…

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The Down Downs: Jena

Summary: Jena, adapted from the ‘Down Downs’ by Jaque Gochett, is the first in a series of shorts from Gochett’s book which has as its premise, the seemingly unsolvable troubles of its characters already down and about to sink further. Thaddeus Jones, writer of the screenplay Jena, has directed this tale of a teen-aged black…

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A short film submitted for the 2nd Act Film Festival, hosted by Jasper Magazine in Columbia, SC. Winner of the Audience Award, sponsored by Final Draft. Starring: Latrell Brennan as Amie Kate Dzyonik as Nicole Writer/Director Alexis Stratton Cinematographer/Editor O.K. Keyes Sound by Nick Ducko Assistant Director Aaron Wyrd

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Filmed for the Campus Film Festival, and was screened during the Hollywood, CA rounds. Starring: Rebecca Shrom, Alexandra Herstik, and Vic Whitten. Prop Master: Sophie Keyes Assistent Director: Michael Tolbert Directed by: Nick Ducko Cinematography by: O.K. Keyes

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Critics review a film to the face of the director. This film personifies a common fear of any filmmaker entering a film festival. Awards/Nomination: “Best Short Film” MoveMe Productions 2016. Starring: Greg Balaam, Burke McLain, Carrie, Adam Cook, Phil Carter, David LaTorre, and Taiyen Stevenson Directed by: Jacob Carter Written by: Greg Balaam

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A short film about a woman who comes to terms with her Guilt. Shot in 2011, this film was selected at the 2011 Cannes film festival under the Short Film Corner. Starring: Emily George Lyons, Michael Fisher, Emily Lounsbury Directed by: Umashankar G Crew: DOP – Christian Clark, Background score – Bryan Higa, Location Sound – Dan Mazur

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Two ultra-pro, Class-A super hackers must put their hacking skills to the test to save the President of the Internet. A shorter version of this film one “Best Picture” at Campus Movie Fest 2013 and played that same year at the CMF Finals in Hollywood. Starring: Jacob Zulanch, Kyle Kovalchek, Preston Floyd, Joey Thompson, Matt Laborde,…

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The interrogation of Isaac Harrison over the murder of his wife. The evidence is overwhelming against Mr. Harrison even though he claims he had nothing to do with it. Starring: Keenan Kaspersky, Terrence Duren, and Rachael Lokavitch Directed by: Grant Prater Written by: Taiyen Stevenson  

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The Cabin

Laura meets John on an online dating site. After a few dates he invites her to his vacation cabin in the mountains. Laura ignores the warnings from her friend, Ashley, about it being too soon to go away with a guy she just met. Once at the secluded cabin, Laura begins to notice strange behavior…

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Peacemaker Elaine arrives just in the nick of time to save a fellow outsider from an atrocious man and his bodyguard. Directed by: Hugo Guzman Starring: Christina Leidel, William Cavitt, Ricky Bell Crew: Justin Brown (D.P.), Sarah Watson (co-writer), Cinthia Guzman (make-up artist), Kyle Dowler (boom operator), Austin Williams, (lav operator)

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