Blair (Marina Morgan) and new kid in town Todd (Brian Kelly, Crinoline Head, Freakshow) are becoming the most popular couple in school. Maintaining their social hierarchy is starting to give them quite the reputation at Valley High. Staying on top requires eliminating the competition and that is exactly what they will do if you get in their way. This modern day Bonnie and Clyde will do anything and everything to make sure they graduate at the CHOP of their class. Be a good friend and don’t make them mad…or you may get the ax!

Starring Marina Morgan, Brian Kelly, Jennifer Peluso
Written and Directed by Tommy Faircloth

Shot on 16mm film and also available on original VHS and DVD at


“Two giggly high school lovebirds playfully throw pieces of bloody human brain at one another, then take a messy shower, in the latest horror flick out of South Carolina, which is fast becoming the Gruesome Gus capital of the world. The flick is called GENERATION AX, and it’s HEATHERS meets SCREAM meets THE TEXAS CHEERLEADER MOM meets BONNIE AND CLYDE. Tommy Faircloth wrote and directed this little low-budget gem starring Marina Morgan as the high school girl whose best friend wants to be a cheerleader, so she sort of helps her out with a locker-room hatchet job on the beauty-pageant queen who beat her friend in tryouts. Pretty soon Marina falls for the new kid in town, Brian Kelly, because he believes that everyone dies because of “fate,” so if you kill somebody, they would have died anyway. They soon get a chance to try out this cosmological theory when long-haired slacker stoner Tim Moran drugs his friend’s 15-year-old sister and rapes her at a rave. A person like that just can’t be allowed to live, can he? Marina Morgan is just a frustrated idealist who lets her hatchet do the talking in “Generation aX.” Faircloth keeps this baby moving with plenty of nasty humor and humorous nastiness! 4 stars!” – JOE BOB BRIGGS

“This indie chiller out does its big budget cousins by a mile!” – FILM THREAT

“Cutting up the class!” – FANGORIA

“Generation Ax features a cinematic first; a brain fight between two star-crossed lovers who toss grey matter at each other straight from the cleaved skull of one of the still-breathing victims. The type of film rarely seen in this post-Columbine climate; a film where the heroes justify acts of murder and mayhem by stating casually that sometimes these cleanings are for the best. A cut above!” – RUE MORGUE