A group of college students head out to a secluded lake cabin for a fun weekend. They were just looking for a goodtime, but what they find is horror! When one of the students, Paul (Brian Kelly, Generation Ax, Freakshow) informs everyone of a grisly occurrence that took place at the cabin years before, between a young boy and his doll maker mother, the fun weekend turns into a bloody nightmare! The perfect 80’s slasher tribute!

Chosen by Dark Media Online as one of “31 Obscure Horror Movies to Occupy Your October” in 2013.
Shot on 16mm film and also available on special edition DVD and the original VHS at horsecreekproductions.net.



“A slaher opus where you are suppose to be glad to see the characters die!” – FANGORIA

“If John Waters was born a couple of decades earlier and got his start in indie horror, the result might have been…Crinoline Head!” – THE BIG GAY HORROR FAN

“I highly recommend it!” – HORROR SOCIETY

“Paving the way for much less fun mega million dollar blockbuster Slasher film franchises like SCREAM and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER CRINOLINE HEAD may have been the first ever completely self aware Horror comedy that was much more Horror then comedy and that derived what comedy it had by playing on stereotypes and then throwing something completely out of the ordinary in..Like say..A killer with a skirt liner on his head! The cinematography here was beautiful. Rather then go the route that most indie directors were going at the time and shoot on video to save money, Faircloth instead went with 16mm, with a slightly grainy quality that captured the late 80’s feel he was going for perfectly. We also got plenty of killer’s POV shots here which are a definite hallmark of both the time and the genre. Each shot was daftly handled and this is the first glance we get at Faircloth’s ability behind the camera as well as as an editor, he shines at both here which is quite the feat considering this was his first film.” – THE B MOVIE AVENGER