A Night of Film with Carolina Film Network – Tuesday, Feb. 28th at 7pm

Hey folks, sorry for the delay! It’s been a busy month prepping. Tuesday, Feb. 28th will kick off “A Night of Film with Carolina Film Network”. We will screen four films then open the floor to the local filmmakers in attendance for a pitch session.

Because this will be such a big night doors will open promptly at 7 and screenings will begin at 7:10!

After the film screenings the audience will be given the choice to vote for audience choice award. The winner will then advance to quarterly round.

If you have submitted and don’t see your film as a selection please do not be discouraged. There were so many amazing submissions and we are currently working to email each and every one of you in regards to your film!



Directed by: Daniel Miller

Produced By: Michelle Elise Harding

Starring: Tom Althoff and Mackenzie Leigh Barmen

Spark is a short film following an award-winning, alcoholic writer on his search for inspiration after a tragic event threw his life into turmoil. The storyline was conceived when director Daniel Merlin Miller felt no control over his life. He was attracted to the notion of lead character, Wayne, and the underlying theme of coping mechanisms in times of distress. Like Wayne, he threw himself into his work in an attempt to maintain some type of consistency. We know Spark is a story that can speak to a lot of people.

Time: 19:51

Zoey Gray

Directed by: Pasha Gray

Starring: Alexandra Petkus, Stepanie Mae Fausto, Joseph Jefferson

“Wait… Did you see it coming?” ‘Zoey Gray’ is a sci-fi comedy focused around ‘Zoey’s’ recent breakup. While venting with her Bestie, she’s convinced to go out with a new look. After deciding to stay in things start to take a transcendental turn.

Time: 16:38


Directed by: Tari K. Robinson

Starring: Stephanie Casebier, Steven Michael Quinn, Jr. Brandie Moore, Enrico Ravenna, Aimee Dunn, Alex Ling and Marquita Owens Robinson

Tiffany Jamison and Jessica Todd have a special bond, one that wreaks havoc on those that dare cross them.

Time: 13:34

Times Like Dying

Directed by: Evan Vetter

Starring: Jim Cody Williams, Anthony Reynolds, Cullen Moss, Robert Trevelier, Myke Holmes, Fidias Reyes

Exhausted and on the run from a desperate bank robbery, a mangy gang finds shelter at the small farmhouse of a frail and sickly US Marshal. The truth of their exploits comes to light as Miss Ledbetter, the Marshal’s nursemaid, overhears their fireside conversation. She is taken hostage by the menacing Lonzell Dixon, who surprises her at gunpoint. Tensions escalate when Lonzell’s greed, lust, and struggle for power overtake him and his family.

Time: 22:05

Tickets to event are $5, which goes to paying for the space provided by Tapp’s Art Center.


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