Carolina Film Network kicks off the New Year Tonight! Here’s what to expect.

An exciting evening has been planned to kick off the New Year and welcome the return of the Carolina Film Network Monthly Meetings. Beginning at 7 p.m., will be the screenings of three films from North and South Carolina filmmakers.

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After Yesterday directed by Andrew Brewster tells the story of Harris Tray as he struggles to connect with his granddaughter amidst loss and early signs of dementia.

WHORL directed by Ebony Wilson tells the story of a couple who’s argument spirals out of control into a loop of repeating events when they stumble across the body of a dead man.

Our Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission directed by Christopher Tevebaugh is a documentary on the exploration of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek vision of humanity. After 50 years of Star Trek, how far has humanity come and how much further can we go?

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Leon Dunn and Fred De La Garza will be joining the Carolina Film Network team leading the discussion on what a production company is, how to successfully operate a production company, their accomplishments, and future projects produced at Carolina Filmworks. They will also discuss the difference between a production company and a one-man producer operating under the name of a production company.

This event will be held at Tapp’s Arts Center. Admission cost will be $5 to cover space provided.

RSVP to event here.




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