The Right to Strike – Short Film Indiegogo Campaign Launch

The Right to Strike brought to us all by writer/director Ashley Shanea launches Indiegogo Campaign for the independent production.

This short film is centered around an SC State University couple that met during the civil rights movement and fought together for equal rights. Although this is  a fictional story, it is based on true events that took place such as the Orangeburg Massacre.

Shanea states on her official indiegogo campaign for the film, “As a 2015 graduate of SC State, this project is important to me because my Alma mater and the city of Orangeburg has a rich history that many are not aware of. I wanted to use my passion for film to reenact events in  history in a way that will entertain, educate, and inspire others. Another goal is to apply to film festivals and contests all over the United States.”

Now why is raising money important for independent productions? Because funds will contribute to a building rental, wardrobe, paying cast/crew, and building rentals fees for public screenings!

To help contribute to the film please visit Ashley’s Indiegogo Campaign by clicking here or the below image.



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