How to find a crew for your next project!

A major topic of discussion, asked by all filmmakers, is how to secure a solid and reliable crew for your next film. It’s something every filmmaker must sort through, especially since a filmmaker’s crew is what makes the film.

Each month, we at Carolina Film Network hold meetings in order for actors, directors, producers, sound technicians, first AD’s, grips, and so on to come together and network. These meetings are key to success, allowing filmmakers to directly connect one on one with other filmmakers who have the same passion. As a filmmaker, it’s your job to assemble the right crew for your film.

With so many films going into production within the Carolinas, we have decided to create a Crew Call directory. If you’re in need of a crew, then please send us your Crew Call so we can share and promote. Also, take advantage of the South Carolina Film Commission – Crew Directory. The link is posted below. You can find the person with the speciality that you are looking for there.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.47.21 PM


Click the photo to the left to connect with the South Carolina Film Commission.




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