Casting Call for upcoming short film Open Door Policy

Project title: Open Door Policy

Project type: Short Film

Project description: Open Door Policy is about Todd, a high school senior who is well respected in his school but one teacher has higher standards for him if he is going to be the leader she knows he can be. A simple act of kindness is all that is needed to learn a big lesson. Will Todd learn this lesson and be able to set an example for his peers?
Project usage: To provide opportunities for actors to have demo reel footage and crew to gain more experience for resumes. Film may be entered into film festival circuit and/or on YouTube.
Film location, Norths Augusta SC (Near Aiken, SC)
Film Dates: TBD (tentatively late Aug / early Sept 2016)
Compensation: Nonpaying but will provide credit, copy and food
Please see attachment for character breakdowns and submit per the following instructions:
Send email to
Subject line: ODP, Name, role submitting for (i.e. ODP, Jane Doe, role of Mom
Body of email:
Name, age,
contact info (email and phone #)
Please indicate if available to work as extra if not cast in speaking role
Acting Resume if you have one
2 RECENT well-lit pictures: 1 close up (shoulders up) 1 full body
Plain background, no one else in picture, not distracting background, plain wall is best.
no hats or sunglasses in picture, no over-posing, just normal and natural please.
Sides are available for video auditions
Callbacks will be in person date TBD

Character Breakdowns:
Todd (lead)– Male, all american boy, caucasian, High School Senior, athletic looking

Jonah (lead)– Male, all american boy, non-caucasian, high school senior, athletic looking, Todd’s best friend

Ms Haugen (lead)– Female, any ethnicity, older woman who is past ready to retire from teaching high school history. Small to average stature, walks with a cane, very wise soul, good with facial expressions and non-verbal communication as well as deliver lines with authority

Sam (supporting) – Female, typical high school senior, any ethnicity, Todd’s girlfriend
Todd’s Dad (supporting) – Male, caucasian, late 30’s – mid 40’s, supportive dad to Todd, caring, only

scene is in kitchen helping set table for family dinner and chatting with Todd.

Todd’s Mom (supporting) – Female, caucasian late 30’s – mid 40’s, supportive mom, only scene is in kitchen preparing dinner and chatting with family.

Todd’s little sister (supporting) – Female, 6-9 yrs old, kid sis who likes to tease older brother and try to engage in conversation between Todd and parents.

Extras needed:
Adult in wheelchair (featured)
Adult to assist person in wheel chair (featured) Retail store employee (featured)
2 restaurant employees (general background) 10-15 high school Students (General background) 2 -3 college athletic scouts, Male
older couple (featured)
Adult with child in carseat (featured)
2 sports event medics
3-5 adults/parents at soccer game


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