Fanatik Productions holding Casting Call for feature film Tattoo in Columbia, SC

Fanatik Productions is holding a casting all for their feature film Tattoo. Casting calls are by appointment only on both Thursday, July 7th and Friday, July 8th from 6:30 to 8:30 and also Saturday, July 9th from 10 am to 7 pm at Dutch Square Mall in Suite 200.

To schedule an appointment contact Thaddeus Jones Jr. at

Tattoo Poster

Description of film: Perry tries hard, but as hard as he works and tries to excel he is still the underdog. His most recent attempt to attain a new position was undercut by his best friend, and now his fiancé wants to leave him and their predictable life of mediocrity. Perry now at the lowest point he has ever been in his life attempts to drown his sorrows in a bottle of booze, and meets Amon a tattoo artist that offers Perry a gift. A gift of a mystical voodoo tattoo, that will not only change Perry’s life, but the lives of all those that surround him. Perry not one to take risk decides to accept the gift after all what else does he have to lose. Except this is no ordinary tattoo, and his first may be his last.

When a loser-advertising executive receives a voodoo powered tattoo, he must feed its thirst to take revenge on those that have betrayed him.

PERRY MORTION – a 30 something, people pleasing, African American male with a witty since of humor. Seen as an underdog, yet ambitious for success.

JANET LEIGH – a beautiful, smart recent MBA grad prepares lunch for her widowed father.

JEFFERY DUVALL – a 30 something African American male enters the bar. He looks out of place in the bar he’s a square

MARTIN LEIGH – a retired Marine widowed.

AMO – a shaman Tattoo artist in his early twenties,

MR. WETZER – Owner of Maxwell and associates consulting firm.

BOB LONDON – a 54 year old executive

The BARTENDER – a beautiful dark skinned woman in her mid to late 20’s

MARY BISHOP – late 40’s dresses in a low cut top she is the definition of a cougar.

KELLY MARSDEN – 20’s and fresh out of college, dresses in a standard skirt and top but wears neon accessories

SPECIAL DELIVERY DRIVER – a heavy set black woman in her mid to late 30’s

SUSAN BLAKE – a short, but toned strawberry blond in her late 30’s

VICTOR CORTEZ – an African American a Sargent with homicide, in his late 30’s early 40’s

GREGORY – Freeman executive in charge, late 40’s early 50’s,

HECTOR POWERS – a 48-year-old African American handyman

ALICIA GUILFORD – 25-year-old Caucasian female, smokes A DOMINATRIX A leather clad older woman

WALT HAMILTON – a short stocky executive in a nice suit

ROCCO – 20 something tattoo artist sports piercings and tats, in a gnarly display

THOMAS GRANT – a 55 year old attorney

JIMMY SHEALY – a 60 plus desk sergeant


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