Letter From our Executive Director

Hello everyone,

My name is Andrew Gajadhar and I’m the Executive Director of CFN. On behalf of myself and my distinguished colleagues of the board, we would just like to extend great appreciation for everyone’s support of this organization. Tonight we had our first of many meetings that was held at Goats in Five Points, and the turnout was phenomenal! There were just over 50 people in attendance. The guest speaker was Dan Rogers of the South Carolina Film Commission. It was opened with an introduction of the board members, followed by Dan Rogers speaking about the commission and what its role is in the film industry for South Carolina. People were very intrigued with the newfound information that he was able to educate about. It also led to some very insightful questions that were able to be directly answered from Dan himself. The floor was then opened for all attendees to promote their current projects and get direct feedback from others about potential collaborations and help on their projects as well. This meeting was a great way to introduce this new organization that was created for the people of our community. We would like to take this time out to thank all of the people in attendance for your support, Goats in Five Points for allowing us to host in their beautiful venue, Mr. Dan Rogers of the Film Commission for being a wonderful guest speaker, and to all of the community for believing in yourselves and striving to make it to the next level in your careers. This is the reason why Carolina Film Network was created. You, the community, are our inspiration that drives us to do all that we can in making those steps attainable through community networking and encouragement. So, thank you so much. We look forward to growing and fellowshipping together with you all.

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